Screw Chiller Plant

What Is Screw Chiller

Industrial screw chillers, glycol, industrial, compact chillers, and industrial cooling systems are developed and manufactured for cooling processes in which each process is completely different from the other. Industrial chillers are created and design with quality materials and metallurgy and equipped with the most efficient compressors. Materials and metallurgy are selected according to the process fluid used and the specific process requirements.

The basic components of AR System solutions are its products. The company offers the most comprehensive selection of air conditioning products in the country.

The use of advanced heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems is becoming increasingly popular due to technological improvements and energy-efficient cooling systems. The use of screw chiller plant is one of the types of compressors that an AR System prefers to install for cooling purposes. There are many screw & cooled chiller plant supplier in Delhi NCR, AR System offer professional service in India. You can repair screw compressors according to your building's needs and perform maintenance. 


There are many advantages that a screw chiller can offer for private and commercial business customers.


Take up very little space for the installation of the system

The screw chiller is providing a very effective solution for industrial purposes and works with screw compressors and generally, it will be occupied very little space for installation in commercial and residential buildings like office buildings, theaters, factories, shopping malls, schools, warehouses, libraries, etc. The compressor is the main volume and they have far fewer electronic control boxes. The pipes and the main water conveyor take up much less space than the duct as in an air conditioning system.


Cools efficiently according to capacity building

The screw chiller plant works more efficiently depending on the construction capacity and never over cools your internal environment or your internal installation space. The source of the refrigerant is water and it cools more efficiently than air.


Energy efficiency

If you use a screw & cooled chiller plant, they are more energy-efficient than any other technology in heating/cooling systems. Since then, they have been able to control the optimal cooling level and never overcome depending on the building capacity. They use less energy to operate due to the type of compressor and its mechanism.


Makes much less noise during operation

Water is the main source in the screw chiller compressor. The water in the compressor completely reduces the vibration effects of the system. This is a natural mechanism and the operation of the screw chiller does not generate much noise in short or long-term operation. The motor and the screw are quieter, so the noise from the compressor does not leave the system in which it is installed.


Less maintenance work

The screw chiller compressor has fewer spare parts and can work efficiently in the long term. "Both" on the mechanical side, there is very little maintenance and you can call the service provider for a regular radiator check.


Excellent for high-rise buildings

When it comes to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, the AR System, which can be used for commercial or private purposes, always thinks about cooling efficiency and energy savings with the reliability of a chiller. The screw chiller is an excellent cooling system for installation in high-rise buildings to achieve optimal water-based cooling. The use of pipes saves space in the building and is perfect for connecting the entire building.


The best long-term compressor

If you install the screw chiller plant, you can use it long-term without complaints. The screw compressor works efficiently and is never annoying during long operations. You can change the size and capacity if necessary and use the service of your chiller manufacturer to assemble and install them for you.

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