Scroll Chiller Plant

Scroll Chiller Plant

  • Scroll chiller is highly suitable for managing dynamic high load applications and for such utilization of staying away from heat these chiller plants has been encountered in many regions of India and other countries as well. Because of their good connectivity and highest accessibility, scroll chillers are suitable of various applications. Apart from many other features, the compressor used the scroll chillers provide optimum performance that makes them enable to work efficiently in very high temperature and comes in an organized circuit. Condenser used in the plants also falls in shell or tube type. Although these chiller plants are new innovations the fundamental concept behind the working process of them is not actually new. The machine can conventionally handle various cooling requirements in places like office space, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls by its multiple compressor configurations. These are easy to install, easy to maintain, easy to operate and can be customized to the variety like sound, energy and mechanical configurations.


  • Wide Array: varieties of these scroll chillers are available.
  • Energy Saver: These are highly energy efficient. Most reliable, and tested compressor.
  • Quick Installation: These are quite easy to installation, pre-wired, charged and fully tested from the factory itself and hence takes a little time to start-up.

  • Multiple Compressor: It is highly power saving as multiple compressors have been used in various models and in the part-load state, microprocessor ensures that the required number of the compressor is used to operate the load. Thus there is capacity modulation in the steps is present.
  • Less Electricity Cost: Affordable electrical infrastructure cost as it takes very less power due to multiple compressor configurations.
  • Ensure Less Sound: It ensures no noise, the compressor and condenser are well designed and in such a way that it makes no sound or very low sound.
  • Reliable
  • Microprocessor Control: All the scroll chillers have an intelligent microprocessor control system it makes the chiller more convenient, easy to operate power saver and reduce the breakdown and maintenance cost of chiller.
  • Autoload Distribution: The microprocessor used in it find the required load it keeps only needed compressor on, rest are switched off. It creates an equal load on compressors.
  • Environment-friendly

The AR SYSTEMS is a well-organized firm which is offering these scroll chiller plants in Delhi NCR and the nearby region at a most reasonable price and outfitted with various experienced and knowledgeable professionals of the arena who makes the firm most prominent and leading one in the industry. Our devoted work toward the requirements of the client has given us a large base of clientele.

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Scroll Chiller Plant

  • Scroll chiller is highly suitable for managing dynamic high load applications and for such utilization of staying away from h